Four-Faith HD network video surveillance system

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Four-Faith HD network video surveillance system

 With the development of HD video surveillance, the value of networking HD video surveillance systems has been greatly enhanced due to the system has ability to capture more details, cover a wider space, then support more data to analysis. Four-Faith released HD network wireless video surveillance system is a complete monitoring solution which can help you 24 / 7 monitoring all information.

 Four Faith High speed spherical camera f-sc431 is a large-scale high-speed PTZ spherical camera, which can rotate 360 ° in horizontal direction and 0 ° - 90 ° in vertical direction. It supports automatic flipping and no monitoring blind area. At the same time, it can customize a variety of IOT interfaces, and it can also be equipped with 4G and 5g high-speed wireless communication modules, which can be flexibly used in video monitoring systems of many scenes to achieve 7 * 24-hour high-definition video monitoring

At the same time, on the basis of image acquisition, the whole series of camera products also reserve many IOT application interfaces, such as RS232, RS485, I / O, relay, analog input, pulse input, GPS, 4G communication network and other customized requirements can be realized, which can be widely used in various IOT applications.


As we all know, smart IR technology can automatically adjust the brightness of infrared LED according to the distance of objects in the lens, to ensure the clarity of the image, not too dark or too explosive; and the Four-Faith high-speed spherical camera product is equipped with multiple low beam and high beam infrared LED, to ensure that objects can be accurately displayed at different distances.

The Four-Faith camera uses ultra wide dynamic acquisition technology, which can collect the same image with different shutter speeds and synthesize them together, so that some environments with high light dark gap can be clearly displayed, even in the backlight or strong light illumination scene, it can also transmit high-quality color images.

In addition, Four-Faith  also has a complete set of intelligent security solutions, including all kinds of gun type and spherical cameras, small to large NVR, 4-32-way Poe switches, as well as monitoring management system, cloud platform and mobile phone app, in cooperation with the company's existing various IOT devices, to build an integrated IOT intelligent security system.

Because professional, thats why our products are reliable! Four-Faith looks forward to creating more intelligent industry application solutions with you!

Our website: https://en.four-faith.com/IP-Camera/

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