Assessment of SMT solder paste printer


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In SMT chip output procedure, solder paste printing is indispensable, and it is also the main element top quality station in SMT chip proofing system.

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one. Solder paste printing technologies

The now built screen board is employed, plus the screen board is contacted with the printed board, plus the solder paste is evenly rolled about the monitor board and injected to the mesh by a particular way; in the event the display screen board is demoulded, the solder paste falls off in the mesh on the pad as outlined by the form on the mesh, consequently completing the process of solder paste printing.

2. Automated solder paste printing equipment

Utilizing mechanical positioning and optical calibration procedure, it may automatically align the situation of display screen board and PCB pad; when solder paste printing, the speed and strain of scraper is often established; the screen board can be immediately cleaned to be sure the follow-up printing high-quality; the solder paste printing high quality is stable; the automated solder paste printing tools is usually offline stand-alone or on line on the net.

three. Conveying process of solder paste printing machine

Composition: together with conveying guide rail, motor, driving wheel, belt, end plate sensing unit and observe width modifying unit.

Function: change the posture and width of PCB in PCB printing process to adapt to PCB Printing of various dimensions.

four. Screen plate positioning process of solder paste printing device

The utility design includes a mesh plate transferring system and also a mesh plate fixing gadget;

Functionality: clamp, shift and take care of the mesh plate.

five. PCB positioning technique of solder paste printing device

Composition: which includes vacuum system, magnetic thimble and versatile PCB clamping device.

Functions: vacuum adsorption and magnetic thimble (movable) machine can guarantee the flatness of PCB devoid of warping; adaptable PCB clamping product can clamp PCB of various dimensions and thicknesses.

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6. Eyesight system of solder paste printing equipment

Composition: like digital camera, gentle source control process, display method and visible control program.

Purpose: up view and down look at visible purpose to make certain fast and accurate identification and alignment of screen board and PCB.

7. Scraper process of solder paste printing machine

Composition: such as scraper clamping head and scraper generate handle.

Operate: command the energy and pace with the scraper to realize the stress within the display board, make the display screen board and PCB shut speak to, and make the solder paste roll evenly to make certain the solder paste into the mildew.

8. Display screen cleansing device of solder paste printing device

Composition: which include vacuum cleansing gadget, cleansing fluid spraying machine, cleaning paper roll product and cleaning operation lifting handle device.

Perform: finish dry cleaning, moist cleansing and vacuum cleaning. It might carefully clean up the residual solder paste from the mesh and make sure the follow-up printing high quality.

9. "Three ball law" of solder paste printing

1) Not less than three tin balls with all the greatest diameter is usually organized vertically in the thickness route of your mesh gap;

2) At the very least three tin balls while using the most significant diameter might be arranged horizontally within the width route in the smallest hole while in the mesh plate.

ten. Storage of solder paste

1) 3-7 refrigerated;

two) Return to place temperature for 1.5-2 hrs ahead of use. Usually do not open the duvet just before returning to area temperature to stay away from moisture absorption.

11. Solder paste stirring

Automated mixing: distinct mixers have unique mixing time;

Manual mixing: mixing by unique human being and typical operation. Stir for 30 seconds, get a lot of the purely natural downward drip, with the starting such as the thick syrup drip, after the block fracture tumble better, normally the viscosity is lousy.

12. Printing parameters that PCB really should fulfill:

We provide for digital work supervision.

one) PCB flat, no warping;

2) The solder mask should not be bigger compared to the pad, to ensure the pad might be in fantastic get in touch with together with the mesh plate;

three) The printing sample is while in the middle;

four) Solder mask and screen printing never have an effect on the pad.

five) Mark stage is a spherical, bare copper with a diameter of 1 mm ?¨¤ 0.two mm;

six) It is actually arranged in an open up space without the need of other wiring, display printing or pad all over, in order to stay away from interference with device identification;

7) At least 2 mark details shall be organized on each and every area of PCB, that are located on the diagonal line of PCB, along with the distance shall be in terms of feasible.

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