West Kiss Hair Chic Hair Color Ideas For Virgin Hair Wigs

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Since the West Kiss Hair hair brand is an expert when it comes to hair and 613 closure, they give you chic hair color ideas for wigs that you can try. So without wasting more time, let’s delve into these hair color ideas for wigs.

Colored wigs have become a huge craze, and that doesn’t seem to change any time soon. What makes wigs perfect is their versatility. You can style your 40 inch wig in a certain way today and style it differently tomorrow. You can also wear one color today and try a different color tomorrow. It all depends on your needs and personal style.

West Kiss Hair Chic Hair Color Ideas For Wigs

When you are looking to buy high-quality and cheap bob wigs, West Kiss Hair got you covered. This popular hair vendor is known for selling high-quality hair. Their hairs do not shed, tangle, or smell. They source unprocessed virgin hair at premium quality. What’s more, their human hairs can be dyed, bleached, straightened, or curled.

Ombre Wigs

Ombre is also a French word that means "shade" or "shadow." In the world of hair color, Ombre is a color effect that is naturally darker at the top and lighter at the ends. An ombré color can be any color combination- brown, red, natural blonde, and even pink.

Blonde Human Hair Wigs

Blonde color is one of the most trending and beautiful colors of wigs. Blonde human hair wigs give you that chic and refreshing look. Above all, they enhance one’s beauty. If you have always wanted to try a blonde hairstyle, this is the perfect time to do so.

There are different types of blonde, including natural blonde, pear blonde, honey blonde, platinum blonde, ash blonde, etc.

If you want to save money and time, it is advisable to buy your wig blonde instead of bleaching it yourself. Bleaching it yourself to blonde won’t give you the perfect results. Beautyforever offers plenty of blonde human hair wigs you can purchase.  Whether you are looking for any type of blonde hair wig mentioned there, you will easily get it.

Dark Root Colored Wigs

If you love exploring new hairstyles, you might try dark root wigs. These colored wigs are extremely beautiful and will give you that unique look. These wigs are also a must-try if you feel bored with the normal wigs. Dark root wigs have their roots darker than the other parts of the wig. Whether you are looking for straight curly or short dark root wigs, you can easily find them at Beautyforever. Dark roots wigs are gaining massive popularity because they look good on anyone regardless of their body complexion or eye color, which are two crucial things to look out for when buying colored wigs. While you can color the roots of your wig yourself, it is advisable to buy a wig that comes dark-rooted.

Brown Hair With Highlights

Highlight brown is also another top hair color idea for wigs. Not only is it sexy and alluring, but it can give you that sophisticated look. It also brightens your eyes and adds dimension and depth to your appearance. If you want to give your hair a new look, you should consider getting highlights.

What’s more, there are plenty of variations to suit different skin tones, textures, and personal styles. Brown highlights are easy to maintain even if you spend a day out in the sun.

Face-Framing Highlights

While there are plenty of ways you can draw attention to our facial features, such as a haircut, makeup, or jewellery, one of the best ways you can emphasize your facial features is by trying face-framing highlights.

Face-framing highlights are basically a coloring technique that brilliantly brings out your most attractive facial features. Thankfully, there are face-framing highlights that can help you achieve that. To get the most out of face-framing highlights wigs, you need to speak to your hairstylist who will ensure that the wig is trimmed and styled in a way that it brings out your facial features. A good hairstylist knows where and how to place face-framing emphasis subtly. 

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