The Differences In Hair Weave Bundles Length

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The Differences In Hair Weave Length

As we know, there are many kinds of hair weave lengths for us to choose from on the hair market. According to the hair weave length chart, the length of common hair weaves is generally 8-28 inches. In the following, we will divide it into three parts to introduce, short, medium, and long, you can buy them and lace closure wigs with west kiss coupon code.

1. Short hair weaves: 6-12 inches

Hair weaves of 6-12 inches generally reach the neck area and do not exceed the shoulders. The advantage of a short hair closure weave is that it will make you look vigorous and energetic. And short hair weave can best frame your face. Compared to medium and long hair weave, it is better to clean and take care of.

Don't think that short hair is not very useful because of the length. In fact, it can be used to create many hairstyles, such as short straight hair with 613 bundles with frontal, short curly hair, bob hair, etc. The hair weaves of 6 inches are the shortest, which is only about 15 centimetres. It is suitable for a lot of cool girls, giving people a kind of advanced feeling.

2. Medium hair weaves: 14-20 inches

The middle length of the hair weave is about 35-50 centimetres in lace wigs cheap. It will not be too long or too short. After you blend it with your own hair, the hairtail will be around the shoulder and scapula. For medium hair weaves, you can use trimming methods such as geometric, double, and diagonal instead of monotonous hairstyles.

If you don't want too long hair, then a medium-length hair weave is a beautiful and fashionable choice. It has the femininity of long hair and the refreshing feeling of short hair. And with medium hair weaves, you also have a variety of styles to choose from, straight hair and various curly hair. If you like, you can also make some bangs or baby hair, which will look more lively and cuter.

3. Long hair weaves: 22-28 inches

Long hair weaves are about 55 -70 centimetres. A long hair weave generally reaches the length below the shoulder blades and around the waist. 

Long hair is the most popular hairstyle among fashion lovers. Long hair weaves can make look like a gentle lady. As the change of hairstyles and hair colors, they can also make you look very sexy and attractive.

Long hair is the most variable hairstyle. You can use it to create a variety of hairstyles. With long hair weaves, you can change your hairstyle every day to show your diverse temperament and beauty if you like.

As long as you take care of your long hair, your long hair weaves will become very fluffy. You can curl and straighten them, use them to make a high ponytail, half up half down hairstyle, and you can reshape them according to your likes. But relatively speaking, you need to spend more time taking care of your long hair weaves.

How To Choose A Suitable Length?

Through the second part, we can learn about the different lengths of hair weaves and their respective advantages. In fact, the choice of hair length is based on your own preferences. They all have their own uniqueness. According to the hairstyles you want, and the different fashion sense you want to get through the hair.

There is a hair weave length chart for you to understand the difference between different hair weave lengths. With the same length, we can see that straight hair is the longest, and curly hair looks the shortest.

The above difference is caused by the difference in the measuring methods. For a straight hair weave, the length is measured directly. As for curly hair weave, since all curly hair is processed by curling straight hair, the method of measuring curly hair weave is to straighten the curly hair before measuring. Therefore, the hair weaves with bigger and more curls look shorter. Here is a picture to help you know how to measure them more intuitively.

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